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AR308, AR-10 & 5/8"-24 Compensators

AR308, AR-10 & 5/8"-24 Compensators



Through extensive engineering and field testing, our line of compensators work to redirect and disperse muzzle gasses in a way that effectively reduces, if not completely eliminates both muzzle rise and felt recoil. We have optimized our design to work on a broad range of applications. Although specifically designed for AR-10/AR-308 platform rifles, these muzzle devices work with any rifle threaded 5/8"-24 and fires a projectile less than .340". The significant reduction in muzzle climb and felt recoil allows for faster and more accurate follow up shots. Typical applications include competition shoot, recreational shooting, hunting, and personal defense. We manufacture our muzzle devices in a broad range of materials achieving unique looks found nowhere else, exceptional durability and/or extremely reduced weight. Includes a mil-spec crush washer. 

Titanium anodizing is example only and actual color may vary from picture.

Length - 2.5"

Height - .95"

Width - 1.2"

Weight - Varies by material:

-Titanium (All finishes) 2.5oz

-Stainless Steel (All finishes) 5.0oz

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of the workmanship of our device. We will offer a full refund or replacement for any new, unused, never installed product that does not meet your satisfaction.


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