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Venom Defense and Design's line of compensators were designed to provide the customer with a unique and interesting product that functions as flawlessly as it looks. We offer many different configurations to suit your particular need. Popular platforms are AR15, AR10, AK47, bolt action rifles & more! Our COPPERsator was our original rifle compensator design. It was created to reduce recoil and muzzle climb to allow the shooter to better stay on target and for faster follow-up shots. We optimized the design through extensive engineering and testing to allow for maximum performance across a number of calibers and configurations. We wanted to use unique and exotic materials to produce a finished part that looks as good as it performs, so we now offer our compensators in an array of materials, all with geometry based on our original design. We offer these for a number of common platforms and are always expanding the configurations available. We wanted to produce a high-quality, high-performance, visually appealing product, that stands out among the marketplace.